Introducing Barbara

Barbara Christians covers some of Adam’s classes.

Barbara Christians qualified as Mat Pilates Instructor in 2015 and holds a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (QFC) from the YMCA. Her classes are grounded in the classical Pilates repertoire, bringing in influences from various contemporary Pilates teachings and Fascial Fitness.

Barbara always had a keen interest in movement disciplines: Training in Karate and Judo as a child in Japan, discovering and falling in love with the Brazilian martial art Capoeira in London, and generally trying out as many and diverse dance and exercise classes possible over her past 20 years in London – from traditional African Dance to Contact Improvisation, from Barre to Boxing to Yoga, to name but a few examples. Throughout this, Barbara always kept coming back to Pilates.

Barbara experienced first hand the benefits of Pilates not only to strengthen the body and find ease and grace in movement, but the mental health benefits of fully focussing on the exercise at hand and learning to listen to your body, bringing about a calm yet energised feeling of being at one with yourself.  This experience of the body-mind connection led her to leave her desk based job and retrain as a Dance Movement Therapist, and later qualify as Pilates Instructor.

Barbara decided not to pursue a career as a Dance Movement Therapist, but instead is focussed on building her Pilates career, hoping to facilitate a fun way for others to experience the benefits of this body-mind discipline. She enjoys working with people of all abilities and ages.

Qualifications and CPD:

October 2017 Fletcher Pilates ® Advanced Intensive Licensing Course (Fletcher Pilates)

July 2017 Fletcher Pilates ® Intensive Licensing Course (Fletcher Pilates)

April + May 2017 Fascial Fitness Foundation+ Trainer Course (Fascial Fitness Association GmbH, Germany)

March 2017 Level 3 Advanced Stretching & Mobility Releases (Drummond Education)

March 2017 Anatomy in Three Dimensions (Balanced Body)

February 2017 Rolling for Length, Rolling for Strength (Balanced Body)

2015 Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (QFC) (YMCA)

2014 MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (University of Roehampton)

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