"I have always enjoyed participating in lots of different sports but a persistent and often debilitating lower back problem was preventing this. Adam’s Pilates classes came to my rescue! Although previously aware of the importance of core muscles, for the first time in my life I began to learn where they were and how to use them in movement. Adam is particularly good at tailoring exercises for your particular need. I would thoroughly recommend his classes because they are fun as well as seriously good for you!"

- Frances Scott

Pilates in Sydenham


Pilates Classes

Pilates is an invigorating form of exercise that will improve your core stability, strength and posture. It helps restore your body to balance. As a result you will move more efficiently; achieve a strong core; develop longer, leaner muscles and a sense of well-being.


Courses must be booked in advance in 8 week blocks. Book online using the booking links above, or contact Adam for more information.


£80 (for an 8 week block)

Over 60’s Classes

If you are over 60, the first thing you should know is that you can attend any group class on the timetable. There is no obligation for you to attend an Over 60s class. Our Over 60’s classes are of a gentler pace than regular classes and the exercises in this class are specifically targeted to keep joints mobile and the body moving with intelligence. Click for more information and how to book.
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Ignition Brewery Taproom
44a Sydenham Road, London SE26 5QF
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