Marta Soteras. Garuda Teacher

"We feel that our respective skills, personalities and teaching styles complement each other very well and we are both really looking forward to this day. Our aim to leave you feeling great with an increased sense of physical and mental well-being. We do hope you might be able to join us."

- Adam Murby & Marta Soteras


Yoga, Garuda & Yoga Nidra Taster

with Adam Murby & Marta Soteras

12:30pm-4:45pm, Sunday 26th February 2017
f h space, 9 Havelock Walk, Forest Hill, SE23 3HG

EARLY BIRD OFFER: £39 when booked by 17th February

Regular price: £45 from 18th February

Join us for a half day taster of Yoga, Garuda and Yoga Nidra to both challenge yourself and reconnect with your own natural calm. All levels are welcome from total beginner to the more advanced student.

The workshop will consist of afternoon sessions as follows.

Introduction to Yoga: 12:30pm-2:00pm

The class serves as an introduction to my approach to yoga teaching. The class is designed to be accessible and fun, yet challenging. My classes generally consist of a warm up to prepare the body for larger movements. A series of sun salutations and standing postures to generate heat, before moving to the floor for some seated postures and savasana – the final relaxation at the end of class. Most importantly I try to impart the transformational qualities of āsana – postural yoga, prānāyāma – breathing practices and dhāranā – the yoga of concentration (mindfulness). When the opportunity presents itself I also like to have fun and teach with a playful sense of humour.

Introduction to Garuda Matwork: 2:30pm-4:00pm

Marta Soteras will be introducing us to The Garuda Method, a system created by James D’Silva, who Marta has been working very closely with in recent years. Garuda takes its name from an Indian mythological sacred bird that can change shape according to its function. It’s a fitting name for an exercise system , which is unique in its versatility, flexibility, and precision of movement. Garuda inspires intuitive, flowing, rhythmic movement, starting simply and blossoming into more complex patterns. Twists, curls and spirals encourage greater flexibility in the spine, giving free rein to the body to discover its natural desire to move, and providing a complete, joyful and mindful workout. Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus. The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body. The classes are deigned to be challenging and fun.

Introduction to Yoga Nidra: 4:15pm-4:45pm

The final part of our day will be dedicated to releasing into deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra can be translated as as ‘yogic sleep’. It is a practice where all you need do is lie down and listen. It offers the perfect counterpoint to the more effortful sessions of the morning and afternoon. Yoga Nidra is a systematic method that includes total relaxation of body and mind via pratyahara – sense withdrawal, breath awareness, a rotation of consciousness and the setting of a sankalpa – a heartfelt resolution/intention. If you like savasana – final relaxation at the end of a typical yoga class, you will love Yoga Nidra. It is a practice which is the perfect antidote to what has become our chronically busy and overstimulated age.

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Directions to f h space

9 Havelock Walk, Forest Hill
London, SE23 3HG

Trains from Victoria, London Bridge and Clapham Junction, as well as the new East London Overground line go to Forest Hill. f h space is a 1 minute walk from the station. Buses P4, 122, 176, 185, 197 and 356 all stop within 1-3 minute walking distance.

Car parking is available at the rear of the venue free of charge on Sundays, please contact us for details. Bikes can be kept in the entrance area of f h space.