"I enjoyed listening to your voice. It was very calming. I also had a really good night's sleep - I didn't wake up once during the night and I usually do. I also could have slept on longer the next day. It did make me feel very peaceful and rested."

- Fran Burke

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra can be translated as yogic sleep. It is a practice where all you need do is lie down and listen.

It is a systematic method that induces total relaxation of body and mind via pratyahara – sense withdrawal, breath awareness, a rotation of consciousness around the body, guided imagery and the setting of a sankalpa – a heartfelt resolution.

If you like Savasana – final relaxation at the end of a typical yoga class, you will love Yoga Nidra. The practice is said to have its roots in the ancient yoga text the Mandukya Upanisads.

It is a practice that is rapidly growing in popularity, which perhaps should come as no surprise. Especially to those of us living busy lives in cities like London. Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote to what has become our chronically busy and overstimulated age.

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