"Your classes are incredibly beneficial. Although there are yoga studios all over the place in Brighton, I think I will find it difficult to get a teacher as good as you."

- Alex Doyle

My Approach

My Approach

My teaching style reflects what I have learned from my teachers, which might be described as non-dogmatic and dynamic. It does not fit neatly into any one particular style. I do not follow one particular lineage of postural yoga. In fact recent scholarship has found that much postural yoga is not thousands of years old as is commonly thought, but closer to a hundred years old.

I think the many years I spent in professional dance and as a Pilates teacher inform my classes with a sense of flow, precision, correct alignment, safety and crucially a healthy respect for different body types.

My classes generally consist of a warm up to prepare the body for larger movements. A series of sun salutations and standing postures that generate heat, before moving to the floor for some seated postures and savasana – the final relaxation at the end of class

Most importantly I try to impart the transformational qualities of āsana – postural yoga, prānāyāma – breathing practices and dhāranā – the yoga of concentration.

When the opportunity presents itself I also like to have fun and teach with a playful sense of humour.

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Adam Murby

Adam Murby is a registered yoga teacher and a graduate of Yogacampus, which is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading teacher training courses. After first being introduced to yoga in 1994, he began to practice yoga more seriously in 2004 under the guidance of main teacher Susanne Lahusen, who was also his ‘mentor’ on the Yogacampus teaching faculty. Other teachers who have been a particular influence are Graham Burns, Richard Freeman, Liz Lark, Doug Keller, Rolf Sovik and Rod Stryker.

Adam has an extensive background in movement and dance. He graduated from The Laban Centre in 1997 and performed nationally and internationally as a professional dancer for over 12 years. He danced for many leading companies, including The National Youth Dance Company, The Cholmondeleys & The Featherstonehaughs and Protein Dance.

Adam is a qualified Pilates Foundation matwork teacher, completing his first training at The Place under the tuition of Hana Jones, Susanne Lahusen and Sonia Noonan in 2004. In the same year he started teaching. In 2012 he completed a second Pilates matwork training with Body Control Pilates.

In 2012 he qualified as a Yoga Nidra Teacher with Sitaram Yoga and most recently Adam graduated with an MA in Yoga and Meditation Traditions at SOAS University of London (2016).

Adam has taught yoga and Pilates, both in this country and overseas, for numerous gyms, studios, dance companies and within the super-yacht industry. He enjoys teaching at all levels of ability and has worked with many different client groups, including the elderly, those in physical rehabilitation, professional dancers, athletes, models, Oscar-winning actors and celebrities. Most of all he enjoys teaching in his local community in South East London.