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Pilates Fundraiser for The Stephen Lawrence Trust

Thank you to each and every one of  you who donated to the fundraiser I set up for The Stephen Lawrence Foundation. I asked my students to donate to the trust instead of paying me to take class in during the week of my birthday. Through their generosity and others who just simply wanted to donate we managed to raise £1090.

In addition to this I put out a call for other teachers to take part and run their own events alongside mine. My Pilates teaching colleague Ainsley Gibson joined forces with me and raised £350 from her fundraising event (Pilates class), so between us we raised £1440 for an important cause. Thank you to you and your students Ainsley!

Social justice and anti-racism are important causes to support and it felt good for me to do something more productive than posting a black square on my social media feed.

It seems my students enjoyed getting behind this initiative as much as I did and I plan on running another charity fundraiser next year and would like to make this an annual event in my calendar.

Thank you so much again!